Saturday 6 September 2014

Tutorial: Slip Knot Hip Carry

A slip knot hip carry (also known as a 'humble hammock'), is a really useful carry for both babies and toddlers. It only needs a size 1 (2.2m) or size 2 (2.7m) wrap, and because it uses a slip knot, it is very adjustable. Many people like this carry with a toddler who is enjoying walking, as you can take a short wrap out with you as a scarf, and quickly tie it into rebozo hip carry when little legs get tired.

I have created this tutorial with both a 0-3 month size demo doll, and my tall 2.5 year old toddler, to show how the carry looks with different size children. 

I am using a 2.12m size wrap, made by Oscha Slings, who actually sell this size as a shawl, but it can also make a great hip carry length!

(You can click on any individual picture to enlarge it).


The Slip Knot

Putting your child in
(Baby demo doll pics on the left, and toddler pics on the right.)

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